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How many wings did Law order at the drive thru in season 2?
What did Brian pull out of the toaster oven in the very first episode?
What was the full name of the show the Law starred on in episode 1 season 1?
What color pants does DK wear?
What floor do Brian, Ted, and Ki live on in VGHS?
How long did it take for Brian to grind for his 'resources' in the very first episode? (Resources were soon stolen from him)
What is the name of Brian's keyboard?
What play was used from the new Varsity playbook?
How many points does Ki's gaming profile have after signing up for X Rhythm Gaming?
What was Shotbot's fake name?
Which school does the Law decide to join at the end of season 2?
Fill in the blank: 'Ted stays where he belongs... in my ___________'
What food does Ted bring to the L33tmas dinner?
What brand are Ernie Calhoun's shoes?
Who pulled the golden gun grant, revoking Brian's scholarship?
How many pistols does the Law normally use?
What ingridient did Brian forget on the turkey?
What does Lenorsky the Wise drop as a reward in the medieval game the gang all play?
What is the name of Brian's mouse?
When Brian is slacking off while practicing to disarm a bomb, what camo does he apply to his gun?
What is the brand name of VGHS' pizza in a can?
Since when did Brian dream of playing on a VGHS team?
What catch phrase did the Law say to Shane when he found his secret surveillance room?
What team did VGHS play in the season 2 finale?
What kind of gamer (description of what game he plays) is Shane?

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