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Do you know why your PC is so Slow??

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A type of malware disguised as legit program and allows hackers to control or access info on a PC
Programs that are not malicious but may not be wanted are called
Malware that denies you access to your files unless you pay a fee is called
Malware that infects a PC when a user executes a program or opens a file that can copy itself and spread to other computers
Malware that can replicate itself across networks undetected
Windows and Web Browser feature used to inspect links or URLs
Malware that tracks your browsing habits
What do you do when you suspect a student PC is infected
Where can you uninstall unwanted programs
What is the VCS tool used to request tech support
Who is the most awesome VCS tech
What will Malware distributors try to do?
When searching you should beware of what results?
Identify fake email senders by inspecting what?
The act of trying to get your data is called?

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