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The First RiddleI can never be filled, I can never be drained, I can never be emptied, I can never be exchanged, I am no jewelled chalice or glittering gold cup, Because with age they grow dull, Whereas I am only dull when I am new, And I am only new when I am far from full. What am I?
The Second RiddleWhen I fill a concert hall, Crowds upon crowds of people I might enthral. I follow every fish in the sea, Although I cannot claim that they notice me, And, on balance, no one would claim that I’m regal, But I am the thing that judges to make things equal. I might weigh heavily on your mind, For I am seen on every map, Yet I am no road, no city, no place to find, And I can be reached by no adventurer, man or indeed any chap. What am I?
The Third RiddleI’m always where I am but you only notice me at night, Although I’m not the sort to stir you into any kind of fright, From my name you might expect to find me in something else’s head, But those who created me plant me in the ground instead. In order to use me, don’t fear, come closer and approach, Once you reach me I won’t be of use, but you will never reproach, I slip behind you into darkness, and for the next traveller I will lurk, I will glare at them as they move through the murk. What'm I?
The Fourth RiddleOther people see me and they recognise you, You see me and you’ll recognise yourself, But your eyes will seldom see it true, Because others see something different, Gaze at me and I’ll contort for you, Twisting back to front in some wicked reversal, Always, of me, this shall be your view, Unless a snapshot has been taken for your perusal, What am I?
The Fifth Riddle There’ll be no turning tumblers and opening up new places to enter; This ‘lock’ ends where the ‘keys’ might begin, But I am different in both senses; no ‘key’ will open me, It may lie across me though, reaching out to my centre. No one can ever shut me, approach and you can come in, But those cheery men who do I shall give a chilling grin. Although I can never be said to commit any such thing as a sin, Those men that pass beneath me, never to return, I kill. What am I?
The Sixth RiddleThese keys unlock no doors of note, But do reveal a note no author ever wrote. Though some wrote notes that I utter with no throat, These notes that they wrote have no words of which they can gloat, And it’s these notes with no words, but with sentences and phrases, That gauges which notes that no author ever wrote are revealed in phases, What am I?

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