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QUIZ: Can you name the skull holes that transmit these structures?

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 major palantine a,v,n
 infraorbital a,v,n
 caudal superior alveolar a,v,n
 lacrimal sac
 maxillary a,v,n
 external ethmoid a,v
 ethmoid n
 CNIII, CN IV, opthalmic of CNV, CNVI, orbital venous plexus, anastomotic branch b/t external ophthalamic a and internal carotid a
 Maxillary a,v,n
 maxillary a,v
 maxillary a,v, maxillary n in rostral half of canal
 mandibular n
 middle meningeal a
 chorda tympani
 auditory tube, minor petrosal n, n to tensor tympani
 looping of internal carotid a
 temporomandibular articular v
 facial n
 CNIX, CNX, CNXI, Internal carotid a, internal carotid n, emergent vv that continue to internal jugular and vertebral vv
 CNXII, emergent v of hypoglossal canal
 spinal cord, basilar a, basilar sinus, spinal root of accessory n
 occipital emissary v (connects to temporal sinus)
 olfactory n, terminal n, ethmoid, external & internal ethmoidal a
 internal carotid a, internal carotid n
 ventral petrosal sinus
 trigeminal ganglion and n, internal carotid n
 CNIX, X, XI, sigmoid sinus
 foramen for dorsal sagittal sinus
 transverse canal/ sulcus
 condyloid canal
 sphenopalantine a,v, and caudal nasal n
 mental a,v,n
 inferior alveolar a,v,n
 major palantine a,v,n and incisive duct
 major palantine a,v,n
 accessory palantine a,v,n

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