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Can you fill in the proper word where it says 'Sporcle' to correctly name these WWE legends?

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1-2-3 Sporcle
André the Sporcle
Bam Bam Sporcle
Big John Sporcle
Big Sporcle Man
Bobby 'The Sporcle' Heenan
Bret 'The Sporcle' Hart
The British Sporcle
Brutus 'The Sporcle' Beefcake
George 'The Sporcle' Steele
Greg 'The Sporcle' Valentine
Hulk Sporcle
The Iron Sporcle
Jake 'The Sporcle' Roberts
Jerry 'The Sporcle' Lawler
Jesse 'The Sporcle' Ventura
Jim 'The Sporcle' Neidhart
King Kong Sporcle
Koko B. Sporcle
The Legion of Sporcle
'Mr. Sporcle' Paul Orndorff
Nikolai Sporcle
Ricky 'The Sporcle' Steamboat
Sgt. Sporcle
'Sporcle' Adrian Adonis
'The Sporcle Boy' Ric Flair
The Sporcle Boys
Sporcle the Clown
The Sporcle Disasters
Sporcle Dog
'The Sporcle Dream' Dusty Rhodes
'Sporcle' Freddie Blassie
'Sporcle' Gene Okerlund
Sporcle George
The Sporcle Gunns
Sporcle Inc.
'Sporcle' Jim Duggan
'Sporcle' Jimmy Snuka
'The Sporcle Kid' Shawn Michaels
Sporcle Kowalski
'The Sporcle' Lex Luger
'Sporcle' Lou Albano
'Sporcle Man' Randy Savage
Sporcle Monsoon
Sporcle Ramon
'The Sporcle' Rick Martel
'Sporcle' Rick Rude
'Sporcle' Roddy Piper
Sporcle Tonk Man
The Ultimate Sporcle

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