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Can you name the characters in Beowulf?

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The cousin of Beowulf who is with him in the epic.
This person was Hrothgar's nephew.
A payment made to the family of a slain man by his killer.
Which beast did Beowulf slay after Grendel?
The main character in the epic who slays Grendel and Grendel's mother.
Who is the Blacksmith in the epic?
Who was Beowulf's father?
What did they call their mead hall?
Who was the man who beat Beowulf in the story about the swimming race?
The uncle of Beowulf
Where did Grendel live at?
The final beast that Beowulf fights before he dies.
Which character is jealous of Beowulf and tells a story of a failure of his to make him look bad?
The first monster that Beowulf comes to slay.
Who was the wife of Hrothgar?
Who is the king of the Danes?

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