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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words in this themed word ladder?

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ClueWordRung #
* Kyrgyz- *1
To examine or study2
A trick3
A traditional Southeast Asian coffee shop5
* With [Rung 8], the largest mountain range in Kyrgyzstan *6
A common preposition used with a comparison7
* With [Rung 6], the largest mountain range in Kyrgyzstan *8
An Iranian king9
Buddhist teacher Ajahn ____10
Asian tea (alternate spelling)11
* Oblast in northern Kyrgyzstan *12
A friend, or a type of marine animal13
Vietnamese fruit: ____ ____14
ClueWordRung #
Cut into or sever15
A store16
Firing of a gun17
Black substance from burning18
* Azeri Village 1,300 miles from Kyrgyzstan *20
* Kyrgyzstan's currency (plural) *21
Life simulation video game22
Points or directs a weapon23
Weapons or limbs24
Common first name in Greece25
Type of musical melody26
* Kyrgyzstan's continent *27

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