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Can you name the following songs according to Dave Barry's descriptions??

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Barry's DescriptionSongSinger
Rob laughed so hard when I got to the part about leaving the cake in the rain...Rob was on the floor. He didn't BELIEVE those lyrics were real.Richard Harris
A voter sent me a WORSE version of this, performed by actress Julie London, who was at one time -and don't tell me this os mere coincidence- married to Jack Webb.Ohio Express
This song is deeply hated.Paul Anka
Bobby never caught on that he could have bored a hole in himself and let the sap run out.Bobby Goldsboro
You can tell my lips, or you can tell my hips, that you're gonna dump if you can, but don't tell my liver, it'll never forgive her, it might blow up and [do something] this man.Billy Ray Cyrus
That might be as bad as the part... when [the singer] sings'I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm.'George Michael
Speaking of bad lyrics, many voters also cited Paul McCartney, who, since his body was taken over by a pod person, has been doing songs like; 'Someone's knocking on my door, someonPaul McCartney
Barry's DescriptionSongSinger
Another teen death story.Dickey Lee
Let me ... say that I am relieved that there are prople besides me who hate [song title]Led Zeppelin
These Boots Are Made For StompingNancy Sinatra
You ain't Nothing To A Hound DogElvis
Break a leg, Wildfire.Michael Martin Murphy
Ain't no Woman Like the One Eyed GottFour Tops
VIOLENT hatred for this songVisage

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