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Who is the main character on iCarly?
Who is her best friend?
Who is their best guy friend?
Who is Carly's brother?
Who is their shirtless friend?
What city does Carly live in?
What type of show do they do?
What building does Carly live in?
Who is their doorman?
What does the doorman have on his face?
Who does Carly live with?
Spencer is a drop out of what?
Spencer is now a what?
Who has an over protective mom?
Who is the enemy of iCarly?
What is the enemies website?
Freddie has a crush on who?
Where did they find the last baby chick?
Spencer made a hat made of what?
When Spencer was younger he was a what?
Where is iCarly filmed in her apartment?
What sport does Carly's brother play?
Who wins the car give away contest?
Who was Sam's first kiss?
Where did Carly find out about Sam's first kiss?
What makes a girl like Spencer?
Who is Carly's long lost best friend?
Who shares the biggest locker with Sam?
What did they have to guess to get the biggest locker?
Who has twin sister on iCarly?
What is her twin sister's name?
Spencer is known for making?
What word does Sam hate?
When Sam was little she used to be in?
Carly believes in this giant that lives in woods?
Who saves the iCarly crew from a crazy fan?
Who has never pulled a prank before?
Sam usually wants a bucket of what?
Who loses it when they are in a space simulator?
What mean Yeah right in iCarly language?
Spencer believes in this animal?
Who gets all A's?
This shirtless character's has little brother named?
During a game what word is on Spencer's forehead?
During a game what word in on Freddie's forehead?
What member of iCarly can't draw?
What apartment number does Carly live in?
What apartment number does Freddie live in?
What is an iCarly favorite word?

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