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Who is the self proclaiming ladies man?
Who is the loud blonde?
Who is delusional tough guy?
Who is the weird guy that can't read?
Who is the loud blonde's father?
What do these group of friends call themselves?
What bar do they all hang out in?
What street is their bar on?
Who does the custodial work at the bar?
Who is the bar's bouncer?
Who owns the bar?
Who is the bartender?
What is the blonde's nick name?
Who loves to do karate?
Who does Charlie have a crush on?
Who is Frank's lover?
Where do they find a baby?
Who is Charlie's alter ego?
Who is the best football player?
What animal do they find at a junkyard?
What does Frank always carry?
Impersonating police officers gets them free what?
Who won a dance contest when they were younger?
Who wins the dance contest?
Who is their homeless friend?
Who are the weird brothers?
What is the most addicting meat?
What is on their billboard?
What is a game that Charlie likes to play in bed
What is Dee's username on Youtube?
Frank and Charlie sleep in what positions?
Dee freaks out about what?
A Paddy's bar review calls it what?
Dennis keeps a journal of what?
Frank hangs out where?
At night where does Charlie pee?
Who has a heart attack?
The gang stars in a rock opera called?
Write the chorus of Dayman?
What is Dennis and Mac's real estate names?
Mac has a man crush on who?
How do the teams facing the Phillies get out of the stadium?
What is Dee's screen name?
What does Charlie invent?
What gets stuck in Dee's wall?
Dee gets casts in whose movie?
The gang was banned from what competition?
What member of the gang got Dee pregnant?
Charlie has a book of what?
The gang tries to go on a road trip where?
What is Dennis' favorite musician?

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