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Can you name the the blanks in Tony Perkis' Speech?

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Can you _____ it theres a life _____ in here tonight
Do you ____ it I look around this room and I see _________
I see the future ________ of a fortune 500 company I see a famous ___ artist
I see the _________ of the United States of ________
Being an ____ child educated entirely by ______ tutors
I look forward to ___________ with ________ for the first time
I'm going to _____ you and I bet your going to _____ me something also
Now those from western ____________ probably know my ______
The ________ _______ King
All of the light you see around this ____ have been _______ by him
But I'm going to do ___ dad one ______
I'm not going to give the _____ I'm going to show you the ______
And to ____ to me do __
Lets meet the new staff of Camp ____ Team ______

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