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The Boss of the Soprano crime Family
The wife of Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano's psychiatrist
Tony Soprano's protege who chose the Soprano crime family over his fiance who was a mole
Daughter of Tony and Carmela Soprano
Son of Tony and Carmelo Soprano
Surrogate father of Tony Soprano who ironically shoots him
A good friend of Tony Soprano who requested not to get shot in the face
Tony Soprano's advisor who manages the Bada Bing
The underboss of the Soprano crime family who almost winds up like 'Big Pussy' on a boating trip with Tony
Fiance of a high ranking Soprano member and is last seen crawling away from a member of the Soprano crime family
Tony Soprano's brother-in-law whose hobby involves train sets
The brother of former boss Jackie Aprile and is humiliated when he participates in ballroom dancing
Tony Sopranos elder sister and wife of Bobby
The mother of Tony Soprano
A member of the Soprano crime family who was a closeted homosexual
The boss of the Lupertazzi crime family and eventually is in a war with Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano viewed him as obnoxious although he buys a racing horse which makes them money
Former acting boss of the Lupertazzi crime family while he was in jail and was dragged away in handcuffs and tears from his daughter's wedding
Tony Soprano's childhood friend and owner of restaurant Nuovo Vesuvio
The cousin of Tony Soprano who is ironically shot by him with a 12-gauge shot gun
Anthony Soprano's Dominican girlfriend who breakes up with A.J. after he proposes to her which sends him into a spiral
A racing horse bought which Tony Soprano grows close to
An FBI agent assigned to Tony Soprano but who is an ally against Phil Leotardo
A good friend to Carmela Soprano and widow of Jackie Aprile
Tony Soprano is misidentified as this man while he is in a coma
Known for the sexual tension between himself and Carmela Soprano and thinks about killing Tony Soprano in a tension filled scene
An Asian student from MIT who is a patient at Junior's half way house and looks up to Junior but then later assaults him
Melfi's therapist who tries to convince her to give Tony Soprano to another colleague
Meadow's former fiance who catches a member of Soprano crime family in a homosexual act
Spatafore's homosexual love interest while in New Hampshire
A Russian who mysteriously vanishes into the woods after seemingly being shot

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