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'Your a loser a loser with a skinny weiner'
'Chipmunks download now!'
'I knew it was too hot on that bus'
'Hey bony butt'
'Rule is new kid drives the bus'
'They give people the chair for this type of thing'
'Hey new guy help me get these salamis off my back they really hurt'
'He's Coming!'
'I have a severely deviated spetum don't be alarmed'
'Muscle weighs more than fat'
'But be careful they can be addicting'
'You show your father some respect'
'I did not send you to go kart camp'
'Don't put twinkies on your pizza'
'MVP campers are taught to compete at the highest level'
'This is definitely not sanitary'
'Never let anyone sign your checks'
'Can we get one more Camp Hope Hi Hi Hiya'
'Don't freak out or call your lawyers I'll get your money back'
'I'll pencil you in'

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