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When did the fat camp originate
What is the name of the fat camp
What is the name of the rival camp
What is the password
What is the name of the girl's camp
Where is lars from
Lars has the kids on what system
What is the rumor that Bushkins will get the kids
What vintage camp shirt does Pat wear
Who is the only camper to kiss a girl
What makes you a captain
What is written in spray paint by the rival camp
Who is the fattest boy in camp
Who does rival camp boy think was a vice president
At the dance Phillip wears a shirt from what famous play
How much did Tony Perkis weigh as a child
How much does Gerry Garner weigh
Who is the only camp member that shaves
What does Tony trick Nicholas with
Lars stabs what with a javelin
Who farts fish and chips
Bears love what
What is the name of the race between the rival camps
What does Tony want a camper to do when he asks 'how do you like the food here'
Who blew a micro chip at the dance
How many miles is the hike that Tony Perkis want the campers to take
What is the story Tony tells the campers while on the hike
What does Gerry sneak into the camp
What is Tony Perkis Sr. known as
What is the name of their bunk
Where is the hidden food at the fat camp
There isn't a what left in the entire camp
What is the answer to the math equation
Don't put what on your pizza
She is very attractive

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