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What is the name of the Lion who creates Narnia?
Who is the first person that Lucy meets in Narnia?
What is the name of the unicorn who is King Tirian's best friend?
Before they rescue Trumpkin from Telmarine soldiers, the children spend the night in the ruins of which building?
What is the name of the Marshwiggle who accompanies Eustace and Jill across Ettinsmoor?
What was Fledge's name before he became a winged horse?
Which raven described the best way to cross the Great Desert?
The daughter of which retired star marries King Caspain?
What is the White Witch's name?
Which of the seven Lords was found on the Dark Island?
Farsight the eagle brings King Tirian news of which centaur's death?
Golg invited Prince Rilian to visit which underground kingdom?
What was the name of Prince Caspian's horse?
Name any of the three dwarves in whose house Shasta stays on his arrival in Narnia

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