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Forced Order
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DefinitionKey word
The length of water over which a wind has blown.
A belt of parks or rural land surrounding a town or city
The migration of people into urban areas from rural or coastal areas.
The earth's physical structure
the difference between birth and death rates
The growth of algae, caused by the water containing too much nitrogen and phosphates
The transport of sediments along the coast at an angle to the shoreline dependent on the direction of the prevailing wind.
DefinitionKey word
Weathering of rocks that occurs when water in cracks freezes and expands.
Sea defences such as beach replenishment where the beach is rebuilt using sand.
Industry which can be sited in a number of different places.
When air becomes trapped in joints and cracks on a cliff face. When a wave breaks, the trapped air is compressed which weakens the cliff and causes erosion.
Management strategy for coastal areas based on plans for the future and involvement of all sectors of society.
Sea defences such as sea walls, groynes, rock armour, rip rap etc.

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