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Forced Order
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DefinitionKey word
breaking down of rock by chemical action
the unsorted sediment deposited directly below a glacier which has arange of particle size from fine clay to rock fragments and boulders
a port or harbour mainly used by container ships to transport goods.
the grinding away of bedrock by fragments of rock which are moved by the sea. Also known as Corrasion
A world-wide change of sea level which may be caused by climate change leading to the growth or decay of ice sheets
land which has previously been built on but no remains empty
local change of sea level in response to a local change, such as the melting of the ice sheets and glaciers over an area
DefinitionKey word
a) reducing the number of people who work in a business. B) sellingyour house and moving to a cheaper one in order to save money.
A system of measuring policy decisions in terms of their likely costs and benefits to individuals, communities and society as a whole. In its simplest form this involves the identi
where river (fresh water) meets the tidal (salt) sea water
without oxygen
the movement of people to coastal areas
same as abrasion
where a coastal area cannot develop further due to the sea beingon one side and a rural area on the next

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