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Who is the older brother?
What did John make to save Dean?
What are Bobby, Jo, Ellen, and Ash?
Where did Bobby get shot?
What can Castiel do for injured people?
Where did Dean go to at the end of Season 3?
What did the villain use in 'Wishful Thinking'?
What did Death put up after Sam got his soul back?
Crowley calls Sam 'moose' because he is _____.
What does Dean steal money from after returning from Hell?
What do Sam and Dean do to monsters?
What did Crowley wear as a human?
All the plant life around Dean's grave is ____ed.
What does Dean develop on his arm in 'Yellow Fever'?
Crowley sold his soul for an extra three inches below the ____.
A ____ of electricity shoots out of the monster's toes in 'Faith'.
What gun is capable of killing demons?
What article of clothing is Castiel's signature piece?
The ____ of making a deal is your soul.
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are part of the Supernatural ____.
Dean stole ____ from the till after returning from Hell.
Sam and Dean typically work one ____ per episode.
Sam takes ____ of a dog after he hits it while Dean is stuck in Purgatory.
What does Death frequently use?
Sam and Dean jump through a glass what in 'The French Mistake'?
Sam and Dean can be seen as Crowley's ____.
What does Dean use to kill Dick Roman?
Sam and Dean have a strong ____.
What do Sam and Dean do to death in an attempt to force him to kill the new God (Castiel)?
When Castiel tears down Sam's wall, it destroys his ____.

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