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Can you name the answers to the history questions related to the Vietnam War?

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What does Vietnam call the Vietnam War?
What form of government did North Vietnam support?
What form of government did South Vietnam support?
Who led North Vietnam?
What were communists in South Vietnam called?
What theory stated that if one nation became communist its neighbors would also?
What did Congress approve that allowed Johnson to use force in Vietnam?
What group of people did South Vietnam’s leader, Diem, persecute?
What did one Buddhist monk do to protest against Diem’s government?
How did the Viet Cong get around South Vietnam secretly?
What greatly shaped the US’ opinion of the Vietnam War?
In a famous picture, what was dropped on the children of a Vietnamese village?
In a famous picture, what was done to a captured Viet Cong?
What was the event in which many innocent women and children were killed by US soldiers?
What was used extensively in the Vietnam War for attacking and transporting soldiers?
Why was it dangerous for the US to use the tunnels of the Viet Cong?
It was difficult for the US to find Communist camps because of the thick jungle __.
What was the name of the major communist offensive?
Which well respected journalist declared that the war couldn't be won?
Which president surprised the country by announcing he wouldn't seek re-election?
Where was the most infamous student protest in the U.S.?
What are people who refused to join the Vietnam War called?
What nation was the most popular place of escape for those war evaders?
What did the president do to all Vietnam War draft dodgers in 1977?
Who was that president?
What was a common form of protest for drafted soldiers?
What famous boxer refused to fight in the Vietnam War?
What city did US forces evacuate in April of 1975?
Whose presidency was ruined by a major scandal?
What was this scandal called?
What did this scandal cause the president to eventually do?

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