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Can you name the answers to the history questions related to US Expansionism?

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Forced Order
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What was added to the Monroe Doctrine in 1904?
To what nation did the US send gunboats in order to open up trade?
What policy was developed to open US trade with China?
Through what event did China try to expell all foreigners?
T. Roosevelt's foreign policy: 'Speak softly and...'
What two word phrase describes Taft's foreign policy?
What two word phrase describes Wilson's foreign policy?
According to legend, which newspaper 'giant' said, 'You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war.'?
What letter from a Spanish official insulted the US president?
What term describes the questionable tactics used by some newspapers at this time?
The sinking of what ship was a significant cause of the Spanish-American War?
Who was the US president during the Spanish-American War?
What 'amendment' promised that the US was not fighting Spain to gain Cuba?
What ragtag group did Theodore Roosevelt help organize to fight in the Spanish-American War?
Where was that groups' most famous charge?
What nation gained independence through the Spanish-American War?
What nation was paid $20 million dollars in the treaty ending the Spanish-American War?
In alphabetical order, what three Spanish territories were given to the U.S.?
One reason T. Roosevelt sent the 'Great White Fleet' was to intimidate what rising imperialist nation?
What massive US project was completed in 1914?
What disease killed many of the workers on that project?
What spread that disease?

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