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Can you name the answers to the history questions related to the Protestant Reformation?

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The man who started the Protestant Reformation.
This reformer translated the Bible into English
Pope Leo X needed money to build this basilica.
What did Luther nail to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany.
Luther had the revelation that we are saved by __, not by __.
This man was a reformer in Zurich, Switzerland.
This man was a reformer in Geneva, Switzerland.
At the __ __ __, Luther was asked to recant but refused.
These were sold by the Catholic Church to raise money.
The fate of John Huss and many other reformers.
Pope Leo X was a member of this famous renaissance patron family.
Luther authored this famous hymn.
Which man helped the Netherlands become an independent protestant nation?
What nation ruled the Netherlands prior to its independence?
Which English Monarch broke from the Catholic Church?
That monarch broke with the church because he disagreed with the Pope over __.
Which English boy-king, was swayed by his protestant advisors?
What monarch persecuted protestants in an effort to make England Catholic again?
Due to her persecution of protestants, she was given this nickname.
This Scottish protestant fled to Switzerland to avoid persecution.
This monarch established the Anglican Church.
Philip II of Spain sent this fleet of ships to war against England
Significant damage occurred to the fleet in a storm, which the English called the '__ __'.
What were protestants in France known as?
Thousands of French protestants were killed in this massacre.
This group gave unquestioned obedience to the Pope.

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