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Can you name the answers to these questions about the events leading to the Revolutionary War?

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Forced Order
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Who built Fort Necessity in the event that led to the French and Indian War?
What effective fighting style did the French use against the British in the French and Indian War?
What Treaty ended the French and Indian War?
That Treaty gave what French land to Britain?
Who led an Indian Confederation after the French and Indian War?
What did the British issue in 1763 to reduce indian raids?
With what geographic feature did this British solution coincide?
Name one of the Acts designed to have the colonies pay for a part of Britain's war expenses.
Slogan: 'No taxation without ___!'
Which Act in 1765 forced colonists to house and feed soldiers?
That Act violated this British document from 1628.
Which event led to the death of 5 colonists in Boston?
Which silversmith made a famous depiction of this event?
Who defended the British Captain in court?
Which act inspired Bostonians to vandalize a British ship?
What act of vandalism led the British to pass an act closing Boston Harbor?
What did the British call this Act?
What did the colonies call this Act?
What a person who supported colonial independence was called?
What a person who supported Great Britain was called?
The 'Shot Heard 'Round the World' occurred here.
The British then moved on to destroy a colonial munitions store here.
Name for the German mercenaries hired by the British.
The 2nd Continental Congress appointed this man as general of the colonial forces.
The 2nd Continental Congress sent this petition to the king in an effort to avoid war.
This British man wrote a famous pamphlet defending the colonies.
What is the name of this famous pamphlet?
This man was the chief writer of the Declaration of Independence.

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