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Can you name the answers to the history questions related to the Cold War?

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The Cold War was a war between which two ideas?
What was the most powerful communist country?
What was the most powerful democractic country?
What was communist eastern Europe's nickname?
What international organization replaced the League of Nations?
What nickname was given to children born shortly after WWII?
This man led the Soviet Union until 1953.
What was built to separate East Berlin from West Berlin?
How did 'The West' respond when all roads were closed to West Berlin?
What imaginary line divided Eastern and Western Europe?
Who coined the name of this imaginary line?
What line of latitude is considered to be the divide between North and South Korea?
What organization united the democratic nations of the world?
What organization united the communist nations of the world?
Who was the first communist leader of China?
What island did China's non-communist population go to?
What type of government controled mainland China?
What two nations were divided North and South during the Cold War?
What caribbean island nation became communist?
Which man made this caribbean nation communist?
The U.S. tried to overthrow that leader in this failed invasion.
What Central American nation became communist?
What event was the closest the world came to a nuclear war?
Who was the U.S. president during this crisis?
In what nation did the U.S. have missiles, which made the Soviet Union nervous?
What was the nickname for the fear of communism that swept the U.S.?
This couple was executed for passing nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union.
What infamous U.S. senator hunted for communists?

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