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Can you name the answers to the history questions related to the Civil Rights Movement?

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For what group did the Civil Rights Movement fight to gain equal rights?
What was angry mob violence - usually resulting in a hanging - called?
What is the name given to the laws in the South that promoted white superiority?
What was a common form of protest (example: Woolworth's)?
What was a common form of protest (example: __ on Washington)?
What do you call separating people based on race?
What do you call the mixing of people regardless of race?
What Supreme Court Case ruled 'separate but equal' was okay?
What Supreme Court Case ruled against 'separate but equal'?
What hate group fought against the Civil Rights Movement?
Whose actions started the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
The 'Little Rock Nine' were attempting to go to __.
Which President eventually intervened in the 'Little Rock Nine' event?
How did that president resolve the 'Little Rock Nine' controversy?
What book by John Howard Griffin recorded his experience pretending to be a black man?
What was the event when blacks and whites rode on buses into the South?
What was the most famous speech given by Martin Luther King jr.?
Where did Martin Luther King jr. deliver his most famous speech?
What city saw an historic march take place, eventually ending in Montgomery?
Martin Luther King jr. believed that blacks should protest in what way?
Which Civil Rights leader changed his name from 'Little' and advocated the use of violence?
Which two political brothers advocated black equality (just last name)?
Which President signed several significant Civil Rights acts?
Who was killed in Dallas, Texas in 1963?
Who assassinated that man?
Who was killed in New York City, NY in 1965?
Who was killed in Memphis, TN in 1968?
Who assassinated that man?
Who was killed in Los Angeles, CA in 1968?
Who assassinated that man?

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