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What releases one egg each month?
What is a low sperm count called?
What is another name for menstruation?
What should males and females do regularly to diagnosis potential health problems early?
What is the main male sex hormone produced by the testicles?
What products do females use to safely deal with their periods?
What is the main female sex hormone produced by the ovaries?
What are male sex cells?
What products should not be used by females due to negative side effects?
What is the hollow and muscular organ that nourishes a growing baby?
What are the two small glands that produce sperm?
What is the skin that surrounds the testicles?
What connects the uterus to the outside of the female body?
What connects the ovaries to the uterus?
What procedure removes the foreskin from the penis?
What term describes the release of semen from the penis during an orgasm?
What are female sex cells?
What is another name for the testes?
What term describes an enlarged and rigid penis?
What term describes the peak of sex (a.k.a. sexual climax)?
What thick fluid is released by the penis during ejaculation?
What process describes sperm fusing with an egg?
What is the tube-shaped organ above the testicles?
What surrounds the tip of the penis for an uncircumcised male?

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