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June 12, 1994: Kato Kaelin witnessed the movements of this athlete/actor and testified at his murder trial.
He later had a speaking tour called, 'The Sixteenth Minute'
O.J. Simpson
November 24, 1963: Live on televison, Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby
shot and killed this presumed assassin
Lee Harvey Oswald
April 29, 1992: Riots broke out in Los Angeles when four police officers
were acquitted of using excessive force against this man
Rodney King
September 2008: College student Natalie Dylan made headlines when she announced on the Howard Stern Show that she was planning to put this up for auction.Her virginity
October 14, 2003: Steve Bartman caught a playable foul ball
that many believe cost this team a trip to the World Series
Chicago Cubs
February 1968: In an exhibition catalog, this pop-artist originates the quote
'In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.'
Andy Warhol
October 15, 2009: Richard & Mayumi Heene incorrectly claim their six-year-old son Falcon has accidentally gone missing in this type of homemade conveyanceBalloon
July 21, 1989: At a Bristol, CT concert, this lip-synching musical duo was exposed when the recording skipped, repeating 'Girl you know it's...' over and overMilli Vanilli
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May 21, 2011: Preacher Harold Camping's prediction that this Biblical event would occur today proves false. Cheer up, Harold, it's not the end of the world.Rapture
January 7, 1972: This billionaire recluse contacts the press to say
Clifford Irving's 'autobiography' of him is a fake
Howard Hughes
September 19, 2000: At the Sydney Olympics, Eric 'The Eel' Moussambani Malonga finally completes this 100m event in twice the time of the next worst competitorFreestyle swimming
September 10, 2001: This novelty stoner song by Afroman was quickly climbing the charts
but after 9/11 it completely disappeared from the airwaves.
Because I Got High
February 26, 2010: Queens NY plastic surgeon Hank Chien temporarily set a record high score of 1,061,700 in this classic arcade game. Donkey Kong
March 23, 1989: Two professors, Martin Fleischman and Stanley Pons held a press conference to announce they could do this at room temperature, only to be refuted by all scientists Cold fusion
April 2, 1974: At the 46th Academy Awards, Robert Opal streaks naked across the stage,
just as this debonair British Actor is about to announce the Best Picture winner.
David Niven

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