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Considered outrageous in his time, what rocker released the album Billion Dollar Babies in 1973? 
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, in 1985 which band became the first to sell over one billion records worldwide? 
In the lyrics of Travis McCoy's 2010 hit 'Billionaire', what two women did he want to share the cover of Forbes magazine with? 
In the South Asian numbering system, the word for one billion is this 4-letter word (in English it refers to a mid-Eastern person) 
The French and German word for billion (it differs only slightly from Pres. Fillmore's first name) 
One billion is written éna disekatommýrio in which language? 
Which website was the 1st to have over 1 billion visitors per month? 
Which company was found guilty of $1 billion worth of patent infringement against Apple? 
Name one of the first 3 artists to reach 1 billion total views on YouTube. 
Nearly 1 billion people celebrate this 'festival of lights' world-wide every year. 
Preparing for Christmas, Americans spent over $1 billion USD per half-hour in 2011 on this 'colorful' shopping day. 
According to Hallmark, billions of greeting cards are given for this occasion annually, more than all other cards combined. 
Animated series in which the character Billionaire Bot makes monocles from the eyes of humans. 
In which long-running sci-fi series does 'The End of the World' occur in the year 5 billion? 
Which billionaire and US President hosted reality show The Apprentice (U.S. version) from 2004-2014? 
When this popular '60s sitcom was made into a feature film in 1993, the titular family was upgraded from millionaires to BILLIONaires. 
What villainous character hijacked a nuclear warhead to hold the world ransom for 100 billion dollars? 
What is the only Walt Disney Studios animated film to gross over $1 billion at the box office? 
Notation used in environmental chemistry for when you have 1 gram of a toxin out of a billion grams total. 
This celebrity astronomer and author, who passed away in 1996, was so often associated with the catchphrase 'Billions and Billions' that he made it the title of his final book. 
This is the prefix for a billion times the base unit in the metric system 
Which city, located in Europe, has the most billionaires? 
According to National Geographic, the World Population reached 1 billion in which decade? 
Name a country with over 1 billion chickens 
According to Riot Games, this MOBA has over one billion hours logged by its players every month. 
According to Hasbro, this 1935 Parker Brothers board game has been played by over one billion people. 
Which Blizzard Entertainment game, released in 2004, became the first video game to gross $1 billion? 
On World Environment Day in 1982, ‘Greening Australia’ initiated a program to plant 1 billion of these. 
In 1963, this roadside company reached the milestone of 'Over 1 billion served'. 
A 2012 CNBC report mentioned that 1 billion of them might enter the workplace in the next decade. 
Christianity and this religion are the only two faiths with over 1 billion adherents 
As of 2012, the Catholic Church has paid out $1.3 billion in molestation settlements in this US state alone 
Several billion copies of this book have been sold over the centuries 
This pizza chain, whose logo is a playing piece with 2 dots on one half and one dot on the other, does more than a billion dollars a year in sales. 
Before going bankrupt, this company sold a billion Twinkies every two years. 
In 2012 this newest U.S. Department bought more than one billion rounds of ammunition. 
In 2012 this team became the first NHL team to be worth one billion dollars. 
In 2009 this man became the first athlete to reach one billion dollars in earnings. 
An estimated two billion people worldwide tuned into watch this man win the 100 meter dash during the 2012 Olympics 
Just For Fun
This type of television technology is produced using 10 bit signals, making it capable of displaying as many as one billion different colors. 
This popular quiz website reached one BILLION plays on April 12, 2013. 
This is the lowest number that rhymes with billion. 
This popular children's book about a mother and daughter who wake up to find they've switched bodies had a lesser-known sequel called 'A Billion for Boris'. 
The titular supercomputer of a 1966 Len Deighton novel is known as the 'Billion-Dollar' what? 
'By the toll of a billion deaths man has bought his birthright of the earth' is a quote from which H.G. Wells novel? 

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