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QUIZ: Can you name the active US Third Parties (non-state specific)?

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Right-wingSocial conservatism, religious right, paleoconservatism
Right-wingPaleoconservatism, economic nationalism, non-interventionism
Right-wingPaleoconservatism, American nationalism, dominionism
Right-wingAmerican conservatism, right-wing populism
CentristPopulism, centrism, Constitutional government, states rights, natural rights, balanced budget, anti-corporate personhood, individualized political contributions
CentristCentrism, economic nationalism
CentristPragmaticism, meritocracy, states' rights, fiscal responsibility, economic liberalism, scientific progress, civil libertarianism
CentristReformism, populism, anti-corruption, protectionism
Left-wingGreen politics, eco-socialism, progressivism
Left-wingProgressivism, social democracy, environmentalism, populism, anti-corruption
Left-wingProgressivism, social democracy, populism
Left-wingDemocratic socialism, socialist feminism, multi-tendency
Left-wingCommunism, Marxism–Leninism
Left-wingMarxism–De Leonism
Left-wingCommunism, Marxism–Leninism, Proletarian internationalism
Left-wingSocial democracy, democratic socialism, feminism, environmentalism, social equality
Left-wingTrotskyism, socialism
Left-wingCommunism, Marxism, Castroism
Left-wingSocialist feminism, Trotskyism, socialist economics, revolutionary socialism
Left-wingCommunism, Marxism, Trotskyism
Left-wingDemocratic socialism, Trotskyism, Marxism
Left-wingCommunism, Marxism–Leninism, Proletarian internationalism
Libertarian CapitalismLibertarianism, laissez-faire, pro-civil rights, anti-war
Libertarian CapitalismLibertarian conservatism
Libertarian CapitalismObjectivism
Ethnic NationalismNational socialism (officially), neo-fascism, neo-Nazism
Ethnic NationalismPaleoconservatism, white supremacism, third position
Single IssueTemperance, social conservatism
Single IssueAnti-Prohibitionism (cannabis)
Single IssuePirate politics, hacker ethic, techno-progressivism, freedom of information, civil libertarianism, open government

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