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QUIZ: Can you name the Gears of War Characters?

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The most swift and flexible of all the locust, wields and staff with chainsaw on both ends of it.
The powerful and most cocky of all the gears, he is also a football player
Squad leader that was broken out of jail to help fight the locust
The Drunken man that plays with your head while you are making your way through the dark house, he turn the light on and off to make you think the kryll will kill you
The elderly, foul mouthed man that runs the gas station where the Junker APC is parked
The operater on the assualt Derrick he name Betty which the squad rode on early in the second game
Part of the main squad, and the most intelligent in the field of mechanics
By 'Calling in a Favour' he gives you the Junker APC to travel during the night
Is the voice of all locust and is introduced late in the second game
The Commander of Delta squad, doesn't have much trust for the squad until later on
Lost her two sons on E-Day and she was captured and tortured by the locust until found
Main partner in the story, also has a wife that had to locate in the second game
The strongest locust that carries a machine gun turret as a weapon, he kills one of the members of Delta squad early on
Joins the squad after their rig is distroyed but is later captured, when found he comitted suicide after being tortured by the locust
Father and considered one Sera's greatest geniuses
Also known as the Rook he is killed after defending the squad and falling into something very unexpected
A part of the main squad in the first game but is then shot by a locust sniper
Lead the squad in the first game until finding alpha squad and killed by the locust, he is a text book gear that follows all the rules

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