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Can you name the Call Of Duty Types Of Weapons

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Forced Order
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Main Automatic Weapons
Rapid Fire Tiny Guns
Big Machine Guns Which Carry 100 Bullets A Magazine
One Shot Kill With One Shell
Bullets Spread Out
Hit People With It
Stab And Slice People
Cookable Grenade
Stickable Grenade
Floating Mine
One Way Mine
Trap Triggered By Player
a Grenade That Blinds You
a Grenade That Blinds And Slows You Down
A Mini Radar
A Thing That Spawns You
A Grenade That Destroys Your Electronics
A Grenade That Sends Out Smoke
A System That Disables All Explosives
An Auto Matic Turret
A Mini Tank
A Mini Helicopter
A Fake Care Package
A Vest That Increases Your Armor
A Suit Of Armor That Makes You Walk Slower
A Big Helicopter That Drops Care Packages
A Drone In The Sky That Helps Your Radar
Multiple Amount Of Helicopters Doing A Run
A Bomber That Strikes All Across The Map

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