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What is Johnny 3 Tears real name?
What is Charlie Scenes real name?
What is J-Dogs real name?
What is Dannys real name?
what is Funny Mans real name?
What is Da Kurlzz real name
What is the name of Johnny 3 Tears daughter?
What is the name of Dannys daughter?
What is the stage name of the ex member?
What is the real name of the ex member?
Which member wanted to be in a gang growing up?
Which membr has his mom and dads names tattoo'd on his knuckles?
Which member has the nickname King Kong?
Which two members aren't married?
Which member is a Miley Cyrus fan?
Which member went to jail in 2008-2009?
Which two members met at the age of 5?
Which member was on American Idol?
Which member cried after hearing the band on the radio for the first time?
Which member is working on a movie?
Which member has a cat called Tiger?
Which member has a dog called bones?
Which member accidentally ran over his dog with his car?
which member is engaged?

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