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Can you name the movies in the IMDb Top 250 that won the Academy Award for Best Picture?

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2Francis Ford Coppola
3Francis Ford Coppola
7Steven Spielberg
8Milos Forman
11Peter Jackson
18Michael Curtiz
26Jonathan Demme
31Robert Zemeckis
40Sam Mendes
55David Lean
58Martin Scorsese
81Milos Forman
83David Lean
84Joseph L. Mankiewicz
89Mel Gibson
90Ridley Scott
91Billy Wilder
96Clint Eastwood
97George Roy Hill
105Elia Kazan
108Alfred Hitchcock
114Tom Hooper
124Joel and Ethan Coen
132Danny Boyle
133Michael Cimino
137Woody Allen
142Frank Capra
144Oliver Stone
147Clint Eastwood
154Victor Fleming
160William Wyler
171William Wyler
183Richard Attenborough
213Lewis Milestone
215John G. Avildsen
233Franklin J. Schaffner
243Barry Levinson

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