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Master Chief is what type of Spartan?
Master Chief's Call sign.
Master Chiefs First Name.
Captain Keyes Was Killed by What?
What is Captain Keyes' First Name?
What Halo game was the first to introduce the SMG?
What does the 'DMR' stand for?
This means to be the best of the Galactic Core.
Created the Halo ring.
Masterchief's Home Planet.
343 Guilty Spark kills this man in Halo 3.
Known as Inferi Redivivus.
Known as Homo Sapiens.
Known as Huragok.
Known as Unggoy.
Known as Kig-Yar.
Known as Yanm'ee.
Known as Mgalekgolo.
Known as Sangheili.
Known as Jiralhanae.
Known as San 'Shyuum.
The Planet Master Chief is drifting off to at the end of Halo 3.
The Release date of Halo 4!

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