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Can you name the team that has had more of each, whether it is the Rays or the D-Backs?

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CategoryRays or D-BacksAmounts
Wins1,129 - 1,013 wins
World Series championships1 - 0 WS
Playoff appearances5 - 3 appearances
Division championships5 - 2 championships
Attendance36.1 million - 21.2 million
All Stars44 - 36 All-Stars
Cy Young awards5 - 0 Cy Youngs
Rookie of the Year2 - 0 ROYs
Gold Gloves5 - 4 GGs
Silver Sluggers4 - 3 SSs
Home Runs2,420 - 2,199 HRs
No-hitters2 - 1 no-hitters
HR champs1 - 0 HR leaders
Stolen base leaders4 - 1 SB leaders
Pitching wins leaders5 - 0 wins leaders
ERA leaders3 - 0 ERA leaders
Strikeout kings5 - 1 K leaders

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