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How many Stooges were there?
Who was the oldest Stooge?
Who was the youngest Stooge?
Who was the first Stooge to die?
Who was the last Stooge to die?
Which Stooges were related to eachother?
How many Stooge shorts were made while at Columbia Pictures?
What's the real last name of the Stooge brothers?
Which stooge spent the last five years of his life at The Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital?
Which Stooge was married four times?
Who was used to double as Shemp after he died, and became known as ''Fake Shemp''?
What year did the Stooges first appear on screen?
What was the final year the stooges appeared on screen together?
What was the name of the feature film in which the Stooges had their first leading roles in?
Which comedic actress was cast in 1934 short ''Three Little Pigskins'' early in her career?
What was Larry's bigest vice?
What was the name of the Stooges ABC television pilot?
Which Stooge appeared in four Abbott and Costello Movies?
Who was Larry's favorite stooge?
Which short did all three brothers appear in?
What was the name of the Stooges cartoon?
Who was the person never before portrayed by a Hollwood actor, until Moe in 1940?
What is Larry's real last name?
What short does Curly consider his favorite of all time?
Which stooge was credited as Harry Howard in the film ''Soup to Nuts''?
Who played Curly in the 2000 TV Movie based on the stooges?
Who was the original ''boss'' of the Stooges?
Which short did Curly suffer a severe stroke on while filming?
Who exexcutive produced the 2000 TV Movie based on the stooges?
What year did Curly join the Stooges?
Which body part(s) did Moe break while filming the 1935 short ''Pardon My Scotch''?
Where in New York City were the three brothers from?
Who's catchphrase was ''Not So Hard!''?
In what 1963 comedy ensemble film did the Stooges appear as firemen?

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