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Can you name the these real & fictious famous people with same first and last name initials?

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AACreated by Mr. Montana in 1941, this fictional red-head is still 17 years old.
BBAll-time MLB home-run leader
CCMost famous character was The Tramp
DDThe boss on Taxi
EEOne of the Sheens
FFAlan Reed, John Goodman, Mark Addy all played him in one form
GGAnn Bancrofts character wanted to meet this Swedish actress before she died.
HHMr. Playboy
IINigerian Boxer whose nickname is The President
JJKing of Pop's little sister
KKThis Kenyan is a 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist in long distance running
LLMean Girls, Freaky Friday, Parent Trap are some of her movies
MMHas MLB record for most Home runs by switch hitter in his career
NNRich Man Poor Man & 48 Hours are some of his film credits
OOUsed to be lead singer of Black Sabbath
PPThis Spanish artist started the Cubism movement
QQChinese foreign minister from 1988-1998
RRPlayed Johnny Hooker and Sundance Kid on the Big Screen
SSFirst Baseball player to hit over 60 Home runs in a season 3 times.
TTPrivate Dancer and Whats Love Got To Do With It are her big hits
UUThis Venezuelan led NL in saves in 1999, currently in prison
VVBatman's love interst in the 1989 movie
WWNick-named No-Neck, spent most of his MLB career with the White Sox
XXThis Chinese Harvard Prof is considered the founding father of single-molecular enzymology
YYThis Israeli director is known for realism in his movies, Shalom, Joint, The Rocking Horse
ZZCrouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Actress

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