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Deal 2 damage to each enemy flank creature. 
Fully Heal this creature and give it a +1 power counter for each damage healed. 
Deal 2 damage for each friendly Brobnar creature. You may divide this damage among any number of creatures. 
If you have 3 Æmber or more, deal 3 damage to an enemy creature. 
You may sacrifice any number of creatures with total power of 25 or more. If you do, forge a key at no cost. 
Destroy the least powerful enemy creature. 
Choose a creature in your discard pile. You may play that creature as if it belonged to the active house and was in your hand. 
Destroy each creature with odd power. 
Deal 2 damage to a friendly creature. 
Sacrifice a friendly creature. 
Choose a creature. For each trait that creature has, deal it 2 damage and gain 1 Æmber. 
Gain 2 Æmber. Archive 2 random cards from your hand. 
Look at the top 3 cards of your deck. Add 1 to your hand and discard the others. 
Put a card from your hand facedown under this card. 
Destroy each creature with the lowest power and each creature with the highest power. 
If there are no friendly creatures in play, deal 4 damage to each creature. 
Destroy an artifact, a creature, and an upgrade. 
Gain control of an enemy creature. 
Lose all of your Æmber. Draw 2 cards for each Æmber lost this way. 
Archive a card. You may purge an archived card to stun a creature. 
Fully heal a creature. If you healed 4 or more damage this way, Gain 2 Æmber. 
Destroy any number of friendly creatures. Gain 1 Æmber for each creature destroyed this way. 
Destroy each creature with even power. 
Gain 3 Æmber if you control creatures from 3 different houses. 
Fully heal this creature. 
Your opponent gains 1 Æmber. 
Choose a random card in your opponent’s archives or the top card of your opponent’s deck. Play that card as if it were yours. 
Each non-Rat creature is dealt 1 Damage for each Rat creature in play. 
Deal 2 damage to an enemy creature. If that creature is destroyed by this effect, archive this card. 
Steal 3 Æmber. 
Put two +1 power counters on each other friendly Untamed creature. 
Gain 1 Æmber for each damaged friendly creature. 
Choose a house. Exhaust each enemy creature of the chosen house. 
Destroy the most powerful creature controlled by each player who does not control a friendly Untamed creature. 
Purge each Untamed creature from each player’s discard pile. For each card purged this way, its owner gains 1 Æmber. 
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