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Every time a blockbuster makes big money on the silver screen, hastily rebranded-to-look-similar but totally unrelated films will be published to cash in on the confusion that will arise, a phenomenon known as "Mockbuster". Hoping that some grandparents will mistake it for the real thing and buy a copy for their grandkids as a present - who will then not watch a fantasy epic but how some random guy on the internet finishes a word ladder in "Lord of the Rungs - Return of the Link". Imagine if the same applied for video games.
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Instead of a nice fantasy multiplayer slash-the-other-guy recreation, you are treated to seeing the wrong inherent in slash-the-other-guy. (2005)
Instead of playing a real time strategy battle between humans, orcs and who-knows-what, you try to avoid conscription. (1994)
Instead of preventing space rocks from destroying everything in their vicinity, you try to pimp your computer as much as possible while neglecting side effects. (1981)
Instead of playing the world's best known secret agent, your goal will be to get the nicest ending to a relationship. (1997)
Instead of fighting your way out of some underground research facility, finding out what the hell happened, you will be tasked with organizing a bovine adolescence. (1998)
Instead of creating the megapolis of tomorrow, your goal is to pretend being compassionate about the less fortunate. (1989)
Instead of saving the galaxy from invasion by semi organic killer robots from outerspace, you have to calculate the results of diet plans for farm animals. (2007)
Instead of taking part in a thriller/survival horror storyline, you actually get a birth simulator. (2010)
Instead of saving the USA when the cold war grows hot, you try to predict weather patterns in Russia. (1984)
Instead of guiding a species from the primordial soup to galactic domination, you can organize aisle settings and work shift plans. (2008)
Instead of saving the universe from a superparasite and an alliance of alien antagonists, you must guess whether a given number is better or worse than the correct one. (2001)
Instead of saving a human colony from some evil bug race, you adjust the motor setup depending on slope and speed. (2006)
Instead of playing a series of high fantasy, saving the world from demons, dragons and volcanos, you are taking senior citizens on a walk in the park (1994)
Instead of competing at the pinnacle of athletic endeavour, you have to handle seasonal weather phenomena. (1984)
Instead of using fancy new technology to find a way from A to B, you just walk the same route daily, handing out letters. (2007)
Instead of plundering the Caribbean, you are treated for some wholesome physical fitness exercise. (1987)

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