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Two Germanys
Moniker used to distinguish between both Germanys 
Broad, huge, enormous 
Upper body garment 
Let off some steam 
You, sir or madam, most certainly are 
Moniker used to distinguish between both Germanys 
Money, dear friend
German currency pre-2002 
Better or worse than a bite 
Agrarian storage facility 
A well placed punchline can do this 
Lancaster or Reynolds 
German for 'office' 
German currency since 2002 
Chancellor during Germany's reunification 
A drink that may aid you 
E.g. the brain for a quiz player 
A drawn character 
Anterior crucial ligament or between two lovers 
All Sporclers are this, thanks to their mothers 
Former capital of West Germany 
East German revolution
Symbol of Germany's division, the Berlin ___ 
One in the park has been the title of a few songs 
Bul or misspelled Aard 
You've got yours cut out for you here 
Roasted Babe, e.g. 
Some call him a very underrated US president 
Slogan of East Germany's revolution: Wir sind das ___ 

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