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Down there you'll find three columns with phrases and two-digit codes before them. --- In the first column you'll find actual German phrases (or figures of speech or idioms, I am no linguist), all in the infinitive form. --- The second column consists of literal translations into English (like: what Babelfish would do to them). --- The third column consists of more fitting translations/descriptions of what that phrase (figure, idiom) actually means. --- Your goal is to combine one entry of each column to form a set of phrases belonging together, i.e. a German phrase, its literal and its real translation respectively. You then enter a six-digit code formed by the three respective two-digit codes of each phrase. --- Note: Unlike many sites which make "literal translations" for the rule of fun, I tried to make them at least gramatically workable and use the most fitting word, so these differ from others you may find on the net, which are even more silly. Of course this only holds where the German expression already made some grammatical and semantical sense to begin with. --- All phrases are actually in usage within the German speaking world, albeit not with the same frequency and with differing levels of formality, so this should be easy for native German speakers. For others - I don't know. Just give it a try.
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German phrase
01 - alles für die Katz sein 
02 - auf den Hund kommen 
03 - auf die Piste gehen 
04 - den Daumen drücken 
05 - den Löffel abgeben 
06 - eine Eselsbrücke bauen 
07 - einen im Tee haben 
08 - einen Sprung in der Schüssel haben 
09 - etwas mir nichts Dir nichts tun 
10 - fünfe gerade sein lassen 
11 - höchste Eisenbahn sein 
12 - in der Tinte sitzen 
13 - jemandem auf den Wecker gehen 
14 - jemandem einen Bären aufbinden 
15 - jemandem Wurst sein 
16 - jemanden übers Ohr hauen 
17 - nicht das Gelbe vom Ei sein 
18 - nicht in die Tüte kommen 
19 - schwer auf Draht sein 
20 - sich aus dem Staub machen 
Literal translation
21 - to be all for the cat 
22 - to be heavy on wire 
23 - to be of the highest railway 
24 - to be sausage to somebody 
25 - to be sitting in ink 
26 - to beat somebody above the ear 
27 - to build a donkey bridge 
28 - to come upon the dog 
29 - to do something nothing for me, nothing for you 
30 - to get oneself out of the dust 
31 - to give away the spoon 
32 - to go on the slope 
33 - to have a crack in the bowl 
34 - to have one in the tea 
35 - to let five be even 
36 - to not be the yellow of the egg 
37 - to not get into the bag 
38 - to press the thumb 
39 - to tie a bear to somebody's back 
40 - to walk on somebody's alarm clock 
Semantic translation
41 - to apply a mnemonic trick 
42 - to be a nuisance to somebody 
43 - to be adept or cunning 
44 - to be an extremely urgent issue 
45 - to be flawed, need improvement 
46 - to be in trouble 
47 - to be inebriated 
48 - to be intolerable 
49 - to be of no subjective importance to somebody 
50 - to be relaxed, not overly strict 
51 - to be slightly insane 
52 - to be without effect or result 
53 - to cheat somebody 
54 - to die 
55 - to do something suddenly, unexpectedly or effortless 
56 - to flee 
57 - to fool somebody 
58 - to go clubbing 
59 - to hit bottom, to become impoverished, also: to fail 
60 - to wish luck or show support 

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