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This isn't the life for me, this isn't the way I wanna be, and let me tell you, death will come when I'm good and ready.
I walk dead or alive, I waste my time whenever I like.
I am in a living Hell, makes me wonder if I'm alive.
Wasting time like it was free, will you ever find where you'll be?
My life changed me way too fast, I don't know if I can last.
When you get so high that you wanna die, but everything around you is turning green.
Eye for an eye they told me for some time, no way to hide from what's inside, what's inside of me.
And I wonder day to day, I don't like you anyway.
Face down, I walk away, everytime I think I do the right thing, you turn your back on me.
All these faces, changing their shapes on me. Isolated in my own world, will I ever be free?
Time always seems to be passing by, it never waits for me.
It's all these demons haunting me, it's all these little things trapped inside of me, releasing me from all my sin.
Hard to find how I feel, especially when you're smothering me.
You think your head's aching, I'm not finished yet. I won't be mistaken, how soon you forget.
Draw my ace up and roll my snake eyes nightly.
Maybe this time, baby, it's meant to be. No more suffocating you or me.

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