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QUIZ: Can you name the words that rhyme with -ore, i.e. 'bore'?

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Eats meat only
Unrefined metal
Used for rowing
What you will see when you are done with this
Golfers say this sometimes
The oldest profession
Former VP
Your skin has these
Found near the sea
Legends and _________
Eats both plants and meat
Norse god/Superhero
Annoying sleep noise
Comes after three
What Dora does
What lions do
Not after, but
The Colbert ________
Used to enter or leave a room/building
Eats plants only
Wild pig
You purchase things in a ________
World ______ II
'My kingdom ______ a horse!'
In the center of an apple and the earth
Used by fungi to reproduce
Low quality or lacking money
To beg
Spanish for 'please'
To remove liquid from a vessel
Mad scientist's assistant
Lewis and Clark led the '_____ of Discovery'
Take out the trash, wash the dishes, etc.
Level of a building
In pain
If this is the last clue, then there will be no _____

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