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Can you name the famous people whose names have been stripped of all Roman numerals?

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Non-Roman NamesRoman NamesClue
JAES ASONEarly US President
BY THE K*American outlaw
SAA ASOProlific science fiction author
AERE BERTNEAmerican actress known for TV movies
AR FOREUS President
JAK EONOscar-winning actor
HARY NTONModern politician
Y AENBritish singer/songwriter
BY EE WASActor from the original Star Wars trilogy
JY FAONLate night TV host
RHAR NONRecent US President
Non-Roman NamesRoman NamesClue
EY KNSON19th century American poetess
HAE J FOStar of the big and small screens
J HENRRock 'n' roll legend
BENA ARSELead singer for an all-girl band
AR ARONStand-up comic and former radio host
ES OSTEO*British pop singer since 1970
AR PUTNInternational politician
HO AR*Member of a famous brothers' act
A NENPortrayed James Bond in only one film
B BBYActor on three long-running TV series
OO J*Rap pioneer

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