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Can you name the 4-letter words and elemental beginnings to complete this word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
With '-ium', #72
'Cactus Flower' costar Goldie
The break of day
To repair socks
Heifer's home
Canine noise
Pitcher no-no
Popular Indonesian tourist island
Colombian city or slangy US state
With '-ium', #20
Baby powder
Like Paul Bunyan or his tale
With '-ium', #31
Ship's body
Type of hoop
Toni Morrison novel; Indonesian island ____wesi
Subdivision of a 'casa'
Yemeni capital (alt. spelling)
Envelopes that already have the sender's name
With '-ium', #55 (UK spelling)
Elliot of 'The Mamas & the Papas'
With '-ium', #108
Precedes 'brown', 'mark', or 'out'
'Thirty days ____ September...'
Clue4-Letter Word
Way through the woods
An explorer's helmet
With '-ium', #3
Used to denote 'healthier' foods
Bedbug or tick
'____ en place' ou '____-en-scène'?
Atomizer output
Clenched hand
Italian car
British apartment
Round, open pastry
Tribe or Scottish family
Ocean Spray juice flavor: ____-apple
With '-ium', #92
Russian mountains and river
By mouth
Algerian port city
Fibrous grain product
Irish novelist Stoker
Upper undergarments
Barnyard bleats
False Canaanite deity
Type of sphere or dance
Healing ointment
With '-ium', #48

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