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QUIZ: Can you name the three-letter words connecting this mathematical-function-themed word ladder?

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Function whose derivative is itself
Lobster shell's skeleton type?
One of the psyche's aspects
Frittata base
Tiny fraction of a joule
Function used with Gaussian normal distribution
Dog's declaration
'Odds ___...'
Civil War prez
Function giving a value's distance from zero
One of the major networks
Function that's the reciprocal of the secant function
Fish-and-chips species
Function giving the remainder of a division problem
Slanderers sling it
Singular soap leftover?
Function represented by the Greek letter sigma
One half of a lollipop
Used a trowel
To carry something unwieldy
Function related to pH and seismography
'90s disc fad
'For' in Spanish
Function related to combinatorics and binomial coefficients, embedded in Pascal's triangle

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