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Can you name the three-letter words connecting this mathematical-function-themed word ladder?

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Function whose derivative is itself
Lobster shell's skeleton type?
One of the psyche's aspects
Frittata base
Tiny fraction of a joule
Sigmoid-shaped function used with Gaussian normal distribution and defined with a definite integral
Dog's declaration
'Odds ___...'
Civil War prez
Function giving a value's distance from zero
One of the major networks
Items burnt and stacked
Function giving the area under a probability function defined for infinitely many outcomes
'I'll have a venti half-___, sugar and no milk, iced, please'
DNA editor CRISPR- ___9
Function that's the reciprocal of the secant function
Fish-and-chips species
Function giving the remainder of a quotient of positive integers
Halfway between Sat and Wed
Function giving the least number within a set
Function approximately equal its argument below 14°
pi × (inverse function of previous answer(0.5))^(-1)
To blend prerecorded tracks
Function giving the greatest number within a set
It can be regressive or progressive
Penguin 'fit
A single chewy antacid, or a nickname for the body part it targets
Function represented by the Greek letter sigma
One half of a lollipop
Used a trowel
Function giving the highest power found among all terms of a given polynomial
Of an n × n matrix, it describes an n-dimensional parallelepiped's n-dimensional volume
Fly and rip preceder
Peter Stuyvesant had a peg in one's place
To carry something unwieldy
Function related to pH, seismography, and acoustics
'90s disc fad
'For' in Spanish
Function related to combinatorics and binomial coefficients, embedded in Pascal's triangle

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