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Name the horses that have won Triple Crowns given anagrams of their names.

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This horse, bored with the UNC-educated
lawyer’s spiel, shouted, “be gone, arid law ram!”
This horse spearheaded the “three apples
a day” campaign during the bloody barn riots.
Suspicious of the noises outside the barn,
this horse let out a hee-haw warily.
Elect futon. Much better diplomatic policy than Cruz
or Clinton,” said this horse, an underachieving couch potato.
When asked what he most enjoys, this horse responded,
“being lax, golf, tan bodies in bikinis, and refusing to do my homework.” Stay gnarly, dude.
Not even the tallest ewes are as tall as just
this horse’s legs. Talk about baa-d genetics!
Aha, ‘om’!” said this horse as he realized
the perfect mantra for his meditation.
“Bah! Use an atlas—us horses know our way around a track.
Just turn left!” said this horse when given a map of Churchill Downs.
“I’d never pretend to be deaf if Mr. Jones were around,”
said this horse. “He’d send me to the straight Elmer’s factory.”
Anti-cot, I am,” declared this horse.
“I require a king mattress stuffed with goose down.”
“Each day in the city of Louisville, a cat retires. But not us horses.
We’re tenacious. We’re indefatigable,” boasted this horse.

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