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Can you name the words that contain the letters 'OW' directly followed by a letter A-Z?

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Clue OW + _
Three-toed flightless bird akin to the emuA
Of humor or art, not highly intellectual or culturedB
Cloth cover that the head rests onC
Censor an improper textD
'abc', as opposed to 'ABC'E
A symmetric-key block cipher or inflatable poisonous sea creatureF
Kipling's 'The Jungle Book' protagonistG
Pocahontas's tribeH
Sport with sculling and keelsonsI
US industrial averageJ*
Capital of the Canadian Northwest TerritoriesK
Unruly lock of hairL
Person skilled in dramatic or entertaining presentationM
Major Guyanese cityN
Bursting of a car tire or an easy sporting victoryO
Like the tortoise that raced the hare, slangilyP
An raven-feathered writing implement or 'Circle Takes the Square' songQ
With regard to the arms, ample space for movementR
Program used to navigate the World Wide WebS
Opposite of decayT
Epic poem featuring HrothgarU
Less than average amount of electromotive forceV*
Native American gatheringW
Large and undulating, like a cloudY
Of a woman, coarse, untidy, and red-facedZ

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