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Can you name the words that end in 'CH', starting with the letters A-Z?

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Clue?CH WordLetter
Leader of a revoltA
To implore or entreatB
Finely ground flour used as thickeningC
Painting on two hinged panelsD
Intrude a person's territoryE
Put feathers on an arrowF
Narrow and steep ravineG
Buttock and thighH
Adverb meaning 'to such an extent that'I
Part of US government that interprets laws (2 words)J
Person who complains frequentlyK
Abrupt uncontrolled movementL
Material spread around a plant to enrich soilM
Indentation on an edge or surfaceN
Member of a small group of people that governs a countryO
Large or protruding stomachP
Satisfy by drinkingQ
Make the sound of vomitingR
Large, closed horse-drawn vehicleS
Roof covering of strawT
Cause to discard previous knowledgeU
Any of several leguminous plants, in the pea familyV
Sew in an overcast mannerW
Nothing, noneZ

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