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QUIZ: Can you name words or phrases that contain two occurrences of the same vowel pair?

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Clue Vowels
Mongolian capital on the Tuul RiverAA
The body's two major veinsAE
Sport played with a pelota that originated in Basque CountryAI
Sour, fermented, and finely cut cabbageAU
Place to get liquor in the Prohibition EraEA
Floridian lake and setting in 'Their Eyes Were Watching God'EE
The defining spirit or mood of a particular timeEI
The study of land features in ancient epochs EO
Cunning, scheming, unscrupulous, especially a politicianIA
Chains of commandIE
The act of making better, improvingIO
Indefinitely large amount, or an amount of cargoOA
Standing directly in front of one another, especially in order to fightOE
For mercury, 671.4 or 356.7OI
1984 film featuring a dancing Ren McCormackOO
Like a train from Caracas to CórdobaOU
Mexican state or pupUA
Like Cristo Redentor or the ThinkerUE
Minute Maid wareUI
Loose Hawaiian dressUU

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