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A young girl inadvertently joins an unconventional club, after expressing her desire to just go home2013
Many girls play around doing 'asstrology'2012
A demon falls to earth, loses his power and needs money.2013
MMO game with deadly consequences2012
Crossdressing girl ruins her uncle's plan to hide his son. 2013
A girl who can read minds forms a supernatural research club2013
A young man fights virulent monsters with the help of a little girl2014
Five students suddenly switch bodies2012
A young pair have a fake relationship to prevent a mafia war2014
Fairies go on adventures with the protagonist2012
A regular student gets hit by a bus, which causes her spirit to occasionally leave her body2014
A Buddha, a Demon and a Human rule a world created by their father2013
A boy gets a girlfriend to drool over2012
A vampire living on a man made island with his friends2013
Delinquent joins the second game creation club.2014
A straight A student meets a delinquent boy who is soft on the inside2012
A mysterious yellow creature who loves girls, money and meat.2012
A calligrapher goes to live in the country. 2014
After an accident, a high school boy can only drink coffee and eat human meat2014
A Japanese girl obsessed with England meets an English girl obsessed with Japan2013
A boy has the power to change the future by looking at the top of people's heads2014
A young girl is on a mission to give her father a funeral2014
A young girl has the ability to attack with her blood2013
A vampire feeds his blood to a highschool girl2013
A fat boy does nothing, gets a girl2012
Children with special powers go to another world to save a clan that lost its name2013
Mars attacks Earth in retaliation for an attack on their princess2014
Girls are very attached to their guns2012
A boy loses his memory of an old flame and falls in love2013
Four high school girls form a club that does nothing2012
Young girls deepen their relationship with a kiss2014
Daily lives of public servants2013
Two high school boys challenge the police with explosive riddles2014
The school life of an assassin, an idiot, a ninja and an unused character2012
In a city surrounded by three levels of walls, people go about their lives2013
A boy trades his life by wishing for panties2014
A young female gravekeeper looks for her father2014
Three girls serve coffee in an animal themed cafe2014
A young girl tries to conquer the world with the help of a homeless young man2013
People on an island must kill each other with explosives2012
An otaku travels to another word to preach his knowledge2013
A boy travels to the sengoku period and finds his favourite heroes were girls.2012
A High School girl is always curious2012
Ghost girl in a school has no memories2012
A young girl confesses to her classmate, and becomes his assistant2014
Young boys on a journey to destroy a magical tree2012
A young boy moves in with his arranged fiancee on her 16th Birthday2014
Love story about people in and out of water2013
A young boy loses the ability to lie meets a young girl who cant express herself2013
A girl sets out to save the world from clothes2013
Five girls live in the countryside2013
A young girl attempts to get popular2013
Siblings are thrust into another world, and aim to challenge the God2014
Superwoman student council president looks for people to be on the student council2012
A superficially ordinary high school student is harbouring a great power2014
A dead girl hid treasure on an island2014
High school students take part in a tank competition2012
A young boy becomes the bodyguard of a notorious weapon dealer2012
A college student takes in his three nieces 2012
Young girls create a club to learn how to perform traditional dance2014

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